New here??
Lets help you become more informed.

The "I'm New" section can be used to answer the top 5 questions a new person might have before attending the church for the first time. Let's dive right in!

     1. What is it like?

New Beginning is a place that welcomes diversity and at the same time unity! While with us you will experience diversity in ethnicity, cultures, music but unity as the kingdom of God!

     2. What about my kids?

Your kids will have a great time at church! We offer a full time kids ministry from new born to 12. We welcome all kids to childrens department we call "Rooted Kids".

     3. Where do I park?

Just to the south of our main building.

     4. What do I wear?

We encourage you to wear what you feel comfortable in while at the same time being modest.

     5. How can I get connected?

We offer a lot of great things for you to become connected and feel like family.

*Sunday night Lifegroups  *Mid-Week Huddle Bible Study * Sunday morning service

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OKC Location
1200 SW 44th St
Oklahoma City, OK
73109 United States
Choctaw Location
751 S Indian Meridian Rd
Choctaw, OK